Our Partners

Our industry partners are leading suppliers we trust after decades of reliable service.

Trusted, long-term partners

We work with over 60 category leading suppliers in the hospitality and catering industries. Most of them have been our trusted purchasing partners for many years. And our buying experts are always sourcing quality new products and food suppliers for customers both nationally and regionally.

Better prices and more choice

Our industry partners include wholesalers, specialist fresh food suppliers, catering equipment providers, utilities and specialist service providers such as telecoms and waste management.This means we can offer our customers choice and quality in every category of product from suppliers we know and trust.


We have great relationships with our partners and that’s why they give our customers the best possible prices.

Our partners

What our partners say

Direct Seafoods

Kevin Weyman - Head of New Business - Direct Seafoods

"Direct Seafoods have enjoyed a long, happy, and fruitful relationship with Lynx Purchasing. They offer a uniqueness in their ability to be a consortia who truly collaborate in an effective partnership with the supplier to get the very best for their customers."

Simon Yorke

Simon Yorke - Sales Director - Harvey & Brockless

"We began working with Lynx through Peach Pubs. Lynx then asked us to look at supplying some of their independent hotel customers. This has worked very well for us and reflects our own business strategy. The relationship has developed because Lynx allow us to tailor our product offering and pricing to each customer to meet their individual needs, which is in contrast to most other purchasing companies who try to use a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Lynx’s approach is to find the best solution for all parties, and they work to build long term relationships."

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