Restaurant Supplies

Satisfying appetites for quality products.

Restaurant Supplies

Satisfying appetites for quality products.

Saving you money every day on restaurant supplies

Every restaurant or cafe has its own special niche. That’s why Lynx develops buying strategies tailored to individual business needs so you keep your chefs happy and control your gross profit margins.

The right suppliers

Portion control and monitoring costs

From fresh produce and frozen food to cleaning & hygiene products, we identify the right suppliers for your business.

If you need help with portion control or monitoring costs, we can supply monthly figures for each outlet you run as well as for your business as a whole, so you can check usage of all the products you buy.

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Taking away the hassle

Lynx Purchasing takes away the hassle of dealing with suppliers so you can focus on running your kitchen or restaurant.

Our approach is to work with you, understanding your business and identifying suppliers that make your budget work harder. We find the best products from leading hospitality suppliers and help you get the best deals possible, ensuring your customers get the value they demand.

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