Menu Development

Expert advice to create high-margin menus and stay on top of dining trends.

Specialist support for dish development

If your menu needs a complete rethink, a better vegan offer or you are planning an event, our team can help. We have decades of specialist experience in hospitality and a consultant chef who can provide developmental, operational and costing support as well as insights on market trends and research. We can also audit your menu and make recommendations for profitable changes or additions.

Supplier partnerships and expertise

We work with over 60 leading UK suppliers in the hospitality and catering industries with partnerships spanning many years. The buying team at Lynx are experts too, always sourcing quality new products and food suppliers for customers both nationally and regionally. Our industry partners include wholesalers, specialist fresh food suppliers, catering equipment providers, and are happy to assist Lynx and our customers with menu development and training.

Menu development
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