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Over the past two decades, Lynx has developed a network of suppliers and specialists that are hard to beat. We can support purchasing in almost every area of hospitality from hotel beds to breakfast eggs, from cutlery to cleaning cloths, and every type of food, beverage or catering equipment. We can even sort out tricky service contracts such as waste management or energy. Helping customers solve problems is where Lynx makes the most difference.


Lynx can reduce your purchasing costs on a wide range of fresh, frozen and ambient foods, beverages, catering and hospitality supplies and a variety of additional business services. The exclusive prices negotiated by our buying specialists with leading industry suppliers save your business money with the added benefit of helping you plan with confidence.

Food supply areas

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From craft beer to cocktails, customer expectations of the quality of drinks offered by operators have never been higher. We can link you with specialist suppliers offering exclusive prices across all key drinks categories.

Drink Supply Areas

Catering equipment

Whether it’s plates on the table or the hot plate in the kitchen, catering equipment represents a major investment for operators. Our specialist suppliers offer the best deals on everything you need to prepare and serve your food and drink to the highest standards.

Catering equipment supply areas

Other Purchases

Whatever your business needs, our partnerships with specialist suppliers across the full spectrum of catering industry requirements give you access to essential products and services at exclusive prices.

Other Purchases Supply Areas

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