How we work

We take a business partnership approach to helping you buy better – and be more profitable.

How we work

We take a business partnership approach to helping you buy better – and be more profitable.

How we do it

It’s not magic. We use our experience, expertise and network to get you better deals – and often better quality products and services.

Running a profitable business means maintaining quality and controlling costs. Getting the best price in the market on goods and services helps you better manage costs and get more out of your budget. But finding and making those deals takes time and expertise in today’s complex buying market. That’s where Lynx can help because saving your business money is our business.

At Lynx, we take a business partnership approach to working with you. We’ll get to know your company, your requirements and your spending before developing a better purchasing process for you. We’ll make sure you are buying the right products from the right suppliers – and negotiate on your behalf to get you the best value.

You will continue to pay suppliers directly as you always have but at better rates that will improve your bottom line.

Our Approach

We believe in a business partnership approach. The closer you work with us, the more your business will save.

Understanding your business

We start by getting to know you and reviewing your spending. Our hospitality experience and expertise means we understand the competitive environment and we can quickly benchmark how your costs compare.

Finding the right suppliers for you

We’ll develop better buying strategies with you and recommend the right suppliers from category leaders in everything from fresh food to utilities - for some or all of your needs. We’ll negotiate the best prices - and talk to your current suppliers if you wish. For better forecasting and budgeting, Lynx can secure fixed pricing for agreed periods.

Ongoing price tracking

To help you monitor your performance and savings, your spending will be tracked. We’ll send you monthly reports and quarterly reviews and you can use our free Gross Profit Calculator App to check how your buying strategies are working.

Our Services

If you buy from a national wholesaler, we will check the deal you’re getting is at as competitive a price as it can be. We can also get you the best prices on leading branded food and drink, using our extensive buying power.

If local food producers are important to you or you want to buy from regional suppliers, we can also make your budget go as far as possible. We’ll research the best local food distributors and wholesalers and put you in touch with them.

If there’s something missing from your menu or an ingredient your chef wants to cook with, give us a call and ask about our procurement service. We can track down niche and artisan food and drink suppliers as well as specific foodservice products. And if we can’t find it ourselves, we’ll know someone who can.

We can come up with clever cost saving initiatives like switching brands or moving to alternative suppliers, enabling you to cut your costs but not your quality.

Our extensive market knowledge means we can give you an accurate snapshot of the market at any time to help you plan ahead and manage your costs. We’re constantly looking at costs and analysing invoices, so you can be sure you’re buying very competitively if you’re working with us. 

Commonly asked questions

No. You can take advantage of our very competitive pricing without any charge.

We are paid a small rebate by our suppliers.

We have no contracts with our customers, and you are never obliged to buy from any supplier.

You continue to place your order directly with the supplier – and pay them as before. The exclusive prices are picked up using the Lynx group account number when you buy through our recommended suppliers.

We expect all our suppliers to meet the very highest standards regarding safety, legality, quality and transportation of your products.

The Lynx Test Run

Never used a purchasing company before? Our free, no-risk Test Run lets you try out any category to show how much you will save.

Choose a category

First, we ask you to pick a category. You can start small. You might want to choose cleaning products or waste management for instance.

We get you better prices

We get you the right products from the right suppliers without any compromise on quality. We negotiate on your behalf and always get the best prices.

You save money

Often, the savings are instant, giving you the confidence to try another category. This could be anything from fresh produce to utilities.

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