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Grilled Fish

Tackling The Costs of Care

As economic headwinds continue, all caterers face the uphill task of managing costs while maintaining high standards. For care home ...
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Roast Beef Meal

Offer a choice for every budget this Christmas    

At the best of times, predicting customer behaviour is as much an art as it is a science, and as ...
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Lynx Purchasing SPEAR Awards

Lynx Purchasing Honours Top Suppliers at 2023 SPEAR Awards

Lynx Purchasing has recognised the exceptional hard work and commitment of the leading industry suppliers it works with, with awards ...
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Fresh Produce

Freshen Up the Menu

While no hospitality or catering business really needs reminding that the food and drink supply chain can be volatile, the ...
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Steaks on a Grill

Is this a good time to invest in new catering equipment? 

For many chefs, there is a traditional start-of-shift ritual firing up the oven, as much to get some heat into ...
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Simplify your menu to achieve sustainable margins

Simplify your menu to achieve sustainable margins

If you think having an extensive menu means making extra profit, think again. In the current climate, the simpler your ...
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Fresh Veg

Tools to Tackle Rising Costs

With the Bank of England having downgraded its economic forecasts once again this month, it’s clear that hospitality businesses will ...
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Long Term Focus Needed to Manage Utility Bills

If rising utility bills are giving you that sinking feeling, it might be a good idea to sit down for ...
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Burger and Fries

Menu planning can make the difference in 2022

We all live in hope, but it was always a safe bet that 2022 would start with the eating-out market ...
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