Customer Comments

Read what our customers say about working with Lynx Purchasing.

Customer Comments

Read what our customers say about working with Lynx Purchasing.

Our best ambassadors are our customers

From boutique hotels to gastropubs and cafés to care homes, our buying experts work with a wide range of operators. Read comments from customers across the range of catering businesses we work with.

“PoB Hotels is a carefully curated collection of the most exceptional independent hotels across the UK and Channel Islands.

“Our partnership with Lynx Purchasing has seen remarkable benefits for our hotels. Their invaluable assistance allows our hotel teams to save precious time, and to discover innovative cost-saving solutions.

“With a focus on a wide range of procurement needs, their expertise benefits numerous teams throughout the hotel. Their trends report and forecasting encourage the use of seasonal ingredients, as well as highlighting items that are not sustainable.”

Kalinda Juneja - CEO of PoB Hotels
Kalindi Juneja
CEO, PoB Hotels

“With 22 Care Homes across our business, both costs and efficient supply chains are of paramount importance.  Lynx Purchasing has negotiated our main food supply agreements for over 10 years and now manage our waste, stationery, and kitchen appliance contracts too. They provide great support across all areas and are an extension of our business, as they know our supply needs inside out.

“They have always remained authentic, and continue to provide excellent support both centrally to our Head Office and directly to our individual homes. Additionally, Lynx is extremely accommodating to any request and will try their utmost to assist with queries or resolving a problem, often taking on additional analysis to ensure we are working towards our set business targets. In short, we would have no hesitation in recommending Lynx Purchasing to any business. They are incredibly friendly and always go above and beyond.”

Holmes Care Group
Tracey Chaplin
Procurement Officer, Holmes Care Group

“We run six rural and coastal hotels in Suffolk. Lynx Purchasing understands more about procurement than we do, so can make things happen quickly, and get us a better deal than we could ourselves. If we identify a product area where we need support, Lynx will do the analysis, and come back with the best price.

There are areas on our menus where we prefer to use local suppliers, such as our butcher, but for other products, by combining our purchasing across fresh, frozen and ambient we get a much better deal. That also reduces the number of vehicles delivering to our hotels, which is important environmentally.

Lynx don’t just help in the obvious areas, it’s also telecoms, waste management, and we’ve recently done some work on consumables - it’s both the glamorous and the not so glamorous!”

David Scott of Hotel Folk
David Scott
Chief Executive Officer, The Hotel Folk

"Working with Lynx Purchasing not only saves me money - it helps me protect our margin, which is more important than ever in these challenging trading times. It also saves me personally a lot of time and hassle, so I can focus on growing the business."

Giles Fry
Managing Director, Snug Bars

"After 12 years of working together, Lynx Purchasing really are a part of PFS team. They go to great lengths to help us deliver the very best food we can to our residents, and we have total trust in them."

Maureen Sim
Operations Director, Pilgrim’s Friend Society
"We’re a charity, running five cafés across London, staffed by people with learning disabilities. They’re not big sites, and one of our challenges in the past has been placing the smaller minimum orders we need at a decent price, because we’re below the spending level the big suppliers want. We’d also had particular issues with finding a butcher and fresh produce supplier that can meet our requirements. Lynx has resolved all that for us. We’re getting the majority of our products through one major wholesaler, and getting both quality and value for money. Lynx genuinely cares about what we’re doing, and always pull out the stops to help us."
Lynn Parker
Operations Manager, Unity Works

"We have well-established relationships with local suppliers across the Highlands, and we complement that with products sourced through Lynx Purchasing . This includes food for our 45 staff that live in, as well as other essential purchases such as drinks. The advice and support we get from Lynx is invaluable, for example in educating our chefs to understand that they’re also business people, and have to be aware of the cost of what they’re buying. The seasonal forecasting is also excellent, in terms of not only what to put on the menu, but also what to avoid. Our relationship with Lynx is very personal, they’re always at the end of the phone when I need them."

Ross Aitchison
Operations Manager, The Torridon, Wester Ross, Scotland

"The great thing about Lynx Purchasing is their knowledge and understanding of the Care Home sector. Using Lynx’s purchasing power has resulted in tangible benefits to our business."

Elaine Brewin
Purchasing Manager, B&M Care Homes
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